Annual Service

Did you know …

Annual servicing can:

  • improve overall performance of your device,
  • provide data protection,
  • help prevent major technical issues that can be costly to repair,
  • extend the lifespan of your device,
  • ensure your device is compatible for future Windows updates,
  • provide options for speed increase and
  • most importantly, provide peace of mind knowing that your device is being properly maintained.

Annual Service Package Deal

(Annual Service and 12-month Kaspersky Licence)

Your annual service package will include:

  • a comprehensive health check of your PC,
  • software updates,
  • an update to the latest version of Windows,
  • an update of Apps and the latest version of drivers,
  • data backup service which will protect your data in case of hardware failure or other disaster, and an
  • anti-virus scan and update anti-virus software as required.

All it takes is 45mins of your day and we will come to you!